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We offer solutions

We manufacture high-precision turned parts – for the highest demands and diverse applications.

Flexibility is our strength

We make it possible for you –
no matter if ø <1 und Stückzahl> 100.000

Quality right from the start

We bring your requirements together with our potential – and thus achieve the best result.

What sets us apart

Combination of people and technology

Together with the latest technology, it is our employees who stand for the quality of the fewe precision turned parts. The well-being and good training of our employees is extremely important to us.

Precision out of tradition

Decades of experience with roots in the watch industry, combined with the most modern know-how and passion lead to our high quality and reliability.

Progress through investment

Continuous further development, optimization of processes, passion for the smallest turned parts and state-of-the-art machines guarantee our constant level of quality.

Our demands on precision turned parts

We offer a wide range of high-quality turned parts. Our filigree products serve a wide variety of customers and functions.

Percent attention to detail
Years of experience
up to 20mm of turned parts

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We are a training company.